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Mixtape Session #6

May 27

Mixtape Session #3: OPENSEA Integration with Heath & Karnveer

Ever wonder how easy it is to integrate sensors with the OPENSEA platform? Heath will start from scratch with an off-the-shelf GPS and the OPENSEA platform and teach “willing pupil”, Karnveer. Karnveer as a somewhat new Greensea engineer will be learning right along with you. We’ve set aside an hour to include plenty of time for questions and answers.


June 9
Mixtape Session #4: Ask Us Anything

Seriously, we’re going to have two Greensea Project Managers (Pete & Chelsea) and two Engineers (Shay & Naomi) on hand to answer your questions about…well, anything!* We will be collecting questions from now until the event via email ([email protected]) and social media, we’ll also have moderators to take your questions live.

Question suggestions:

  • What’s the most interesting project you’ve worked on?
  • What is your idea of the perfect work day?
  • Is there a project you wish you could have a do-over on?
  • Where have you been in the world where you would most like to return?
  • If Greensea had a yearbook, what would your yearbook superlative be? (examples: most studious, most likely to be arrested, most likely to be a game show host, etc.) And what would Ben’s superlative be?

These are just suggestions. You can Ask Us Anything**.

Everyone who submits a question will receive a free gift and we’ll draw names for additional prizes from the question askers and the attendees. (We haven’t yet decided what the prizes will be but follow our newsletter and social media as we’ll post updates there.)

*OK, almost anything. We can’t talk about anything that might be under an NDA.

**We also won’t be answering questions about money, politics, or anything offensive. Which is why we won’t answer questions about money or politics.

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